A common misconception about dog love


Animal-like the dog, cat, cow, buffaloes are the one which is called the pet animals—having the dog as the pet animal is preferred by most people. Dogs are the family members of the persons. When they die, the people cannot tolerate it. Generally, dogs are the ones to whom people have great affections. Suppose you pamper the dog they never forget you. On the other side, many people don’t like dogs at all. There are many reasons or rather the misconception about the dogs in the mind of the people. People do not understand them as they cannot speak and lead their love in the wrong way.

Below mentioned are some of the misleading of the dog lovers in the mindset of the peoples. They are discussed here.

Waving the tail: 

Dogs have the small curled tailed. When they see some person coming towards them, they wave their tail. It is not that they like to do it every time, but it shows their emotions in a particular situation. 

  • Dogs wave their tail in front of you when they know you. Unless not, then they will bark on you showing that the person is from the outer region. 
  • When you offer some food to them, they wave their tail showing the thank you regards.
  • Sometimes in many seasons, they are not able to find their food so always help them out.

Running behind the bikes and cars.

  • Traveling through the road, you must have observed the scenario when the dog is running behind the bikes and the cars.
  • Dog running behind doesn’t mean to harm the people or the person traveling on the roads.
  • So mostly the dogs run behind every biker to take revenge for doing it.
  • Many dogs face such a situation die in the accident. But people don’t care for them. This makes them very sad.
  • We should understand the emotions of this speechless animal. If you cannot help them then you don’t have the right to harm them also.

The diseases which are spread by the dogs

  • Many insects and mites are living on the body surface of the dogs. 
  • It is in observance from many cases of the diseases named the Rabies. The dogs spread Rabies. Mites present on their bodies are transferred to the people’s body surface when they come in contact with the dogs. 
  • But one which is your pet animals may not have it. If you maintain their cleanliness, you need not worry about getting infected by rabies diseases.

Sharp shouting of the dogs

  • You must have heard from your elders talking about the shouting of the dogs at night.
  • It is because when some unknown person enters their area.
  • Dogs can see the ghost and feeling the natural calamities much earlier than us. It is because they can listen to lower frequency sounds the humans cannot.
  • It is also the way of communication with the other dog partner living away.


Misleading to the feelings of such speechless animals is common. I appreciate your efforts that at least you tried for understanding their feelings. If you show some caring towards the dogs, they will show you ten times more than it. If you would not harm them, they will not harm you. We also have a movie on dog love known as the “Entertainment”. The dog may be of any breed but always is loyal towards you.